Sorry to hear that you're having trouble accessing your data!

Most of the time when users lose their data, it's because they've logged into the wrong account. Here are the steps we'd like you to follow before we investigate further:

Please note that if you are using a Guest account, do not try the following steps. Logging out of your Guest account will cause your data to be lost!

- Uninstall the Skullgirls app.

- Reinstall the Skullgirls app. (This will allow you to access the login screen).

- Choose one of the login options (Facebook, Google, LINE, or Email Login)

- Enter your login information for this account type.

- If you enter your login details correctly, and your data is under the account, your data will be restored immediately.

- If your data is not restored, please repeat this process again with all of the other login options, including the re-installation step.

We realize this is a bit of a process, but data loss issues are almost always solved by the above, please give these steps a try!

If you have tried these steps, and your data is still not restored, don't panic! We're happy to help you find your data, just send us an email with all of the account details that you can remember, and let us know what you've tried so far to resolve the issue.